May 2nd, 2019

Almost half way through 2019 & what a few months it has been… writing, recording, SIP Hope Town & SIP Napa and plenty more… keep a watch on the site for dates, new music updates & more!

Dec. 19th, 2018

One more night in Nashville before making the 7 hour trek tomorrow morning down I-40 to I-26 to I-20 to good ole Camden, SC for a quick couple days of Christmas with the folks, my sisters and at least a few of my nieces and nephews… so I suppose the Christmas spirit is about to hit me. :) Been a hell of a year… it has overwhelmingly been a good one, but I do look forward to the start of 2019… it’s time to write a new album… time to further build Songwriters In Paradise and also time to get the Midnight Choir up where it needs to be… so in other words it’s time to make some shit happen. :) Aight… be back in touch soon… hope everyone has an incredible holiday & here’s to 19. Nuttin but love. PD